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          未標題-1.png  Support hotline:18602598608(Mr.Jane)/ 18664052372(Miss.He)         Chinese


          未標題-2.png Service Hotline:



           Enterprise strength

          Professional spinning processing enterprise, large enterprise, strong strength, product protection

          The comprehensive index of corporate benefits ranks in the forefront of the industry

           Quality advantage

          Guaranteed by a number of national quality certifications

          Carry out the quality policy of “adhering to scientific management, creating excellent quality, and serving customers wholeheartedly”, establishing a perfect quality assurance system, paying close attention to product quality, winning customers' trust with high-quality products and high-quality services.

           Advanced research and development technology

          National high-tech enterprises, focusing on technological innovation

          Advanced spinning technology, professional CNC spinning, high quality for large products and thicker products.

           Perfect service system

          Customer service manager, pre-sale, after-sale, and after-sales, follow-up, customer-oriented, create value for customers, create market for manufacturers

          The industry has a high reputation and won the award of “Excellent Supplier Certificate” from many partners.



          application area

          about us


          Yitong Hardware Products Factory specializes in various metal spinning processes and introduces Australian spinning technology. It is a rare technology for domestic spinning processing, detailed product processing, please call or QQ consultation, a large number of spinning edge materials can be preferentially processed small stamping parts, stainless steel spinning, iron plate spinning, aluminum plate spinning, copper plate spinning, stainless Privately-owned enterprises specializing in the production and processing of iron spinning and other products......





          Zhongshan Xiaolan Yitong Hardware Products 


          Tel: 18602598608(Mr.Jane)


          Q Q:396380225


          Address: No. 1 Card, Shengfeng Heyuan Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City

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          Service Hotline:


          Zhongshan Xiaolan Yitong Hardware Products Factory

          Tel: 18602598608 (Mr. Jane) / 18664052372 (Miss He)

          Q Q: 396380225

          E-mail: 396380225@qq.com

          Address: No. 1 Card, Shengfeng Heyuan Road, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City


          Zhongshan Xiaolan Yitong Hardware Products Factory All rights reserved

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